Let Gravity pull you down
Join to the "secret community" of the winter Mallorca



Gravity 80 X 80 Hollo Manuella Andrada

I found the best healthy addictions ever. Swimming in the cold sea during the winter. 


It started maybe on the 25th of December when someone told us about the Christmas swim at midday. It was a perfect sunny day and the water at Cala Deia was crystal clear. It was impossible to resist this great beauty. I run and jumped into the cold fresh sea. It was about 10-12 degrees. I had to concentrate on my breathing and calm down my mind to be able to give myself fully to this experience. Hundred thousand needles pinched my body. When I came out the water I was a new person, reborned. I felt ALIVE! From that moment I become a huge fun of winter swims. 


Soon I realized that I belong to a "secret" community of cold swim enthusiasts. We used every single opportunity to have a quick dip, a jump, a couple of minutes of swim or standing on the shore and waiting for the next wave to get us covered in a bubbly water splash. Most of the time we would go to Son Beltran to a small bay between Deia and Llucalcari. This is where locals go to swim usually and this is where I painted the painting above, right on the sea shore. The weather and the time of the day didn't really matter anymore. Whether it's a cloudy or a windy day, it's morning or night. Actually many times I didn't feel like going in at all but it was a strange and intense internal urge that always led me in. I new, however I feel now in this moment, it's going to change for the better. I will feel more happy, balanced and alive. 


I started to convince all human beings to adopt this amazing life changing habit. I am constantly searching for ways to wake up my mind and body. To be able to enter into a flow when Im painting I need to have a highly focused state of mind. So to reach this I am experimenting with diverse techniques like yoga, morning writing, healthy drinks. I am intrigued to find out how our circadian rhythm works based on our body functions and how all this influences our productivity and creative brain. I also made a little research about the reasons why others like swimming in the sea in the winter. Here are some of the answers I got:


〉it makes you feel alive 〉you feel brave / "I did it!" kind of feeling 〉the water is so clear in the winter 〉releases all good hormones in the body - youth-elixir 〉relaxes 〉connects within 〉clears your energy 〉improves circulation 〉boosts immune system 〉empowers 〉better skin condition 〉boosts happiness 〉it becomes so much addictive in a good way 〉it connects to the present 〉its therapeutic 〉"it feels like it aligns the magnetism of my mind and life is moresparky after swim" 〉"the more I do it the easier it gets to face it and the stronger I get facing any other fears in life" 〉after you feel alive and the effect it's 10 times stronger than a coffee 〉you feel deeply connected to nature 〉you become like a loving Buddha after 〉warmest place in Mallorca in winter is the warmth in Your body after cold swim :)


I hope I inspired you too and this coming autumn and winter you will start to build up slowly this amazing habit. Meanwhile you can start to train your body with cold sowers and check out the Wim Hof method.